Saturday, October 27, 2007

Saturday Breakfast

Saturday is my lazy day, well at least for the time being. It's the only day of the week I make coffee. All other days are tea via the microwave. With the coffee indulgence comes Food Network shows and the time to eat leisurely. It is such a treat.

Today I decided on pancakes and turkey sausage. My pancakes came from a box mix -- it's left over from when my family visited during the summer. The mix is Trader Joe's and it's good, but the sausage ... homemade with rosemary, sage, thyme, mustard and brown sugar. It's so much better when you make it yourself! I have ground my own meat before and I know it's a lot of work. I made this batch with ground turkey I bought from the store. -- super easy. Spend a few minutes on the weekend to make up a couple of pounds, freeze the patties and you can make your own convenience food! Besides, you know exactly what's in it.

I am surprised that the food I love now is the food a generation ran from in the '50s and the opposite of the Happy Meals I loved when I was a kid. Now those enjoy quality, homemade food are labeled foodies. Why isn't there a name for the generation who know little outside the processed world of Pop Tarts, Lunchables and Pizza Rolls?

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