Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Recipe Development

I'm on a shoot this week, so I can't cook. Before I left, I did make a valiant attempt at a caramel cake. Not the traditional yellow cake with caramel icing, but I actually wanted caramel in the cake. How do you do this without the caramel sinking to the bottom? What if I wanted a caramel swirl in the cake? (Don't tell me, let me figure it out.)

It may not be possible, but the mistakes are delicious! Maybe I used too much caramel; I got a slight swirl, but most of the caramel was absorbed into the crust. The crust was wonderfully sticky, deep brown and very flavorful.

Since this was a practice cake, I used a mix and homemade caramel. I wonder if I'd have better results with a cake that was more dense?

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