Saturday, August 14, 2010


I was so hot last Saturday, all I wanted was ice cold water and watermelon. I had to be hot because I almost always drink room temperature water.  I'd been out and about in the heat and in a hot kitchen for four hours.

Anyhoo, I know flavored waters are all the rage.  I have to say that my favorite is what I call spa water.  I remember people were baffled by the flavor combination in 2001.  I had some at a hotel last week and I was reminded of how refreshing it was.

Start here:

Slice the lemon and lime in half.  Slice the cucumber.  I used about half of that.  You're probably supposed to remove the seeds, but I grew up eating the skin and the seeds.  I'm way too lazy to remove either as an adult.  Pick the mint and basil (yep, basil) leaves and slightly bruise them with your fingers.  Layer everything into a pitcher with ice.

Oops. That photo is a little dark.  Add your water and give it a stir.

Of course at the hotel, everything was suspended so beautifully in the lemonade jar ... . This will do for just me.  Let this sit in the refrigerator for about an hour.  Afterward, take out all of the solids or the water will turn bitter.  Save them and use them for garnish.  Wonderfully refreshing!

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Lisa H. said...

Guess what I'll be drinking tonight? Thanks for this recipe. I'm going out to buy my ingredients.