Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Day 1 #Thanksgiving2015

I'm out of practice lol! I decided to make vanilla ice cream. When I reached for my vanilla beans, they we crunchy, so extract to the rescue. I have two ice cream cookbooks, one by Ben & Jerry, the other is by Williams-Sonoma. I prefer the Ben & Jerry book. The problem is, the recipies are for no-cook custard. Works fine for me, but my guests may have issues. I proceeded to cook and then overcook my custard :-( We'll see how it churns tomorrow.

I could be a Breyer's Ice Cream commercial -- fou ingredients you can pronounce!

I made turkey stock for the greens today. Shout out to the Cuisinart Slow Cooker - 9.5 hours on high. I start simple, just onion and garlic.  

Get you some smoked turkey wings and low sodium chicken broth. 

So here's the deal. I gave up pork in the mid '90s because of my family health history. It was either that or sweets and I have a distinct love for butter and sugar. Anyhoo, nothing flavors greens and beans like pork. Folks who claim turkey is the same are lying! Turkey is good, but it doesn't have the power of pork! 

Here's what I do to compensate. Use chicken broth or stock with your smoked turkey. Water won't do you any favors when it comes to flavor. Don't add any salt! Even low-sodium products have enough salt. 

I'll let it cool and then remove the fat.

You want your bones to be brittle and appear bleached. This means you've extracted all the flavor. These might be a little underdone. I want more than spotty white patches. If the stock doesn't set up properly (really gelatinous), back to the slow cooker!

I got my serving dishes down and started on my table. Not bad, huh?

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