Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tuesday's Plan

I woke up thinking about napkin rings, lol.  So, which will it be? Black or brown dinner plate? Brown or silver napkin ring? I love the black plate. I like the silver napkin ring, but I NEVER get to use the brown ones.

Decided to put my to do list in Google Keep. Trying to make technology work for me :-)

Today I get to play with my new food processor when I make cornbread. I am very sad about the demise of my old food processor. The dishwasher killed the handle on the work bowl. I can't find a replacement bowl. In b-school, I learned about the network effect. It's like being an Android or Apple person. You pick one because everything works together so nicely. After you choose, it's really hard to switch because you are vested in the current platform. 

That's how I feel about KitchenAid. My new food processor is a KitchenAid, only because all of my other countertop appliances, except two, are KitchenAid onyx black, (The offending two match each other and are together in another part of the kitchen.) Here's the problem -- I already hate this new food processor! Why? It is so lightweight compared to the old one. It feels like they took all the metal out! I also can't use any of my zillions of discs and attachments from the old model. That's a damn shame and really crappy since for the Kitchenaid stand mixers, any attachment works on just about any mixer. Grrr. 

Last night, before going to bed, I found all of the serving dishes. Those will be run through the dishwasher today.Today I'm making greens, brining the turkey and rocking a pound cake. I won't break a sweat until tomorrow :-) #Thanksgiving2015

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