Thursday, July 12, 2007

Good chocolate gone to waste and waist

On Sunday, I made the icing for the difficult, but tasty chocolate cake. The icing was more challenging than the cake! Lesson learned: never make temperature sensitive items in a hot kitchen. It was worth the trouble. The icing was damn good -- like eating a truffle! It is unbelievably smooth and melts in your mouth. The chocolate flavor is very intense. I heightened it with an off-recipe addition of Starbucks Liqueur.

Now of course my best friend could not come back and pick up the cake before she left town, so I've had the joy of a completed chocolate cake staring me in the face when I open the refrigerator. The cake was beautiful. I got the icing really smooth (a first for me.) Alas, it was an after dinner treat that turned into breakfast. Now it's turned into the trash! I simply can't be trusted to eat responsibly.

All of that expensive Valrhona chocolate! Valrhona is my favorite. I taste a little raisin in it and it's super smooth. I usually keep a bar of the dark bittersweet (red label) on hand. I get mine from Trader Joe's, so I'm getting a small price break.

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