Saturday, December 29, 2007

Looking Forward to Turkey Salad??!

I know a lot of people dread holiday leftovers. Thanksgiving seems to generate the most need for creativity when it comes to leftovers. We've come up with some good uses over the years -- my aunt has found a killer turkey gumbo recipe.

I look forward to the tried and true. I freeze my turkey leftovers with a smile -- I know there's turkey salad in my future. It's good right after Thanksgiving, but it's even better when you make it weeks afterward. I broke out my frozen Thanksgiving bird today.

I like a lot dark meat in my turkey salad. I use some strong flavors in my turkey salad and the dark meat can stand up to them.

Like most people, I use celery, onion, boiled eggs, pickle relish and mayo. I veer off the beaten path with poultry seasoning, Dijon mustard and fresh parsley. The base of the salad is leftover turkey with mayo; you have to jazz it up. Besides, I am not a huge mayo fan. (Shhh! You can hear Paula Deen gasping.) I use the Dijon, parsley and the special stuff below to cut the mayo's heaviness and brighten it up. Keep your Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper handy too.

If you are lucky or foolish enough to own an asparagus pot, it is great for making hard boiled eggs. (Hey. I know everyone isn't as crazy about kitchen equipment as me.) I use almost all egg whites in chicken, turkey and potato salad. Today I used four whites and one yolk.

I think I'm in new territory with these ingredients: Worcestershire sauce, Spike and fresh lemon juice. When I lived in New Orleans, there was a sandwich shop near my job. Those folks made the best egg salad I'd ever had! One day I just asked what made the sandwiches so good. The answer was Spike! I've been a convert ever since.

Get it all in and stir.

This is best after some bonding time in the refrigerator (a few hours), but I have a little as soon as it's mixed. Cook's privilege! This does not keep well. After an entire night in the fridge, you'll find that the dressing has thinned considerably. If planning ahead, make this the day of and not the day before.

Tools of the trade:

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