Friday, December 21, 2007

There Is Something Good About Breakfast

I've said it before. I love breakfast, even if I eat it at noon (like today). I'm revisiting my thoughts on breakfast because now I have a loaner digital camera. Usually I eat a real breakfast while watching the Food Network. Almost as good as FN is a James Bond movie. Goldfinger, one of my favs, is on right now.

First up, turkey breakfast sausage. I take a pound of turkey and add fennel, mustard, pepper, salt and fresh herbs. Mix all the ingredients together and chill it for an hour before forming into patties.

I place the formed patties on parchment and freeze them before placing them in a freezer container. This way I have ready-made portions.

Moving on to the coffee. I was at Costco and they had freshly roasted coffee beans. They smelled so good. To keep that great aroma, I store my beans in a Bean Vac. A couple of spins in the KitchenAid coffee grinder and I'm ready to make coffee.

Ahhh. The waffle. I added pecans today for a special treat. I'm particular about my waffles. I do not like Belgium waffles and I think the best on Earth are made by the Waffle House. My favorite waffle maker is the Villaware Classic. It has amazing temperature control.

Everything is ready! Let's eat.

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franswazz said...

You are FUN, you write so nicely and even though I clearly should not be taking the time to do what I am doing right now....I had to let you know that I ordered the Revolution tea you reviewed....
By now I have forgotten how I got to your blog....senior moment.
I too love to cook, am aging a rib roast right now, cosyly tucked away in my fridge...(picture on my blog)
Happy Holidays!

NuJoi said...

Thank you and enjoy your roast.