Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Best Day of My Life!

So, yeah. I spent a Saturday with Chef Cliff Rome at Parkway Ballroom. He is doing it BIG. It is just amazing to see where a culinary career can take you. Chef Rome talked about worlds I didn't even know existed. (Private chef on a yacht that sails to private islands??) Damn. My dreams aren't that big, but I like to know the possibility is there.

My co-worker, Angela, and I basically hung out at the Parkway all day. It was so cool. We talked, we drank. We listened to so great music. Don't get me wrong, I am convinced I am a chef wannabe. But, talking about how to market some of Chef's ideas helped me realize that I still get really excited about marketing; I just need the right stimulus.
Chef Rome had the staff prepare us lunch from the scraps - yeah right. Their scraps are better than anything I've ever plated! Imagine how impressed I was at the tablecloth over the end of the work counter with flowers. It's all about standards.

Okay so I had already started to eat when I decided to snapped this.

And the main course ... My camera phone is not doing this justice. We even had chocolate chip cookies for dessert!

Chef Rome has a million ideas a minute and is about to take Chicago by storm; Bronzeville is headed back to its glory days. I'm willing to barter marketing services for a free gourmet meal and a chance to be around culinary greatness.

I just love the way God puts people together. Sometimes the encounters are an inspiration, sometimes a confirmation. This was a both.

Tools of the trade:

  • Appreciation
  • Enthusiasm
  • Humility

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