Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Rarely, do I post about food I didn't make. I figured that if you have a chef hook you up or you visit the culinary capital of the South, one can post about it. I spent a week eating my way through New Orleans and the North Shore. Here are the restaurants and the food:

The Palace Cafe is one of my favorite restaurants in New Orleans. Shrimp Tchefuncte is my dish of choice. Here it is in all of its glory.

I skipped right to the main course. I started with their take on a Caesar salad, the Werlein Salad.

For dessert, I had fresh peaches and rum cake. It was flambéed! My first tableside presentation.

Look at the finished product! Yep that's homemade ice cream.

One of my other must-haves is a Greek pizza from Louisiana Pizza Kitchen (with extra olives). This thing rocks. It is my favorite pizza in the country. I love it so much that I had it two days in a row. These pics are from the French Quarter location. I prefer the pizza Uptown at location, but I love the character of the French Quarter Location. These pics are from the one in the Quarter.

Next up, and excuse the camera phone pics, are cafe au lait and beignets. I had these almost every day for breakfast. I absolutely adore Cafe Du Monde.

Then there was Drago's. Had to get my crawfish étouffée on! Shrimp and corn bisque too. Sorry -- more camera phone pics.

Oh, how I love the Crescent City. Best food ever. I also made it to New Orleans Seafood & Spirits, but I didn't take any pics. What I realized as that when I ate with my family, I didn't take any pictures. When I was by myself, I took plenty. It's hard being the only foodie blogger in the family.


Katy said...

my fiance is in new orleans right now!!! i'm jealous. :-)

Adrienne said...

OH YUM! I went last year and Chinese Kitchen was my favorite.