Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Joy of Comfort Food

Yesterday was a pretty hectic day at work. I made it home early enough to cook. My weapons of choice? Shepherd's pie and cream of broccoli soup. The food was comforting to make and comforting to eat.

I don't make my shepherd's pie from leftovers. I use fresh mushrooms and carrots and frozen corn and peas. I wish there was a way for the veggies to keep their bright colors, especially the peas. It's odd, but I prefer smoother mashed potatoes in this dish, so I make them in the Kitchen Aid. I splurged and used heavy cream. Fresh thyme, rosemary and sage keep it from tasting like the mush from elementary school days.

It's amazing how good comfort food can make you feel. The day was just a little bit better because I had something warm and gooey. Even during the blazing heat of summer.

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